Traditional air con systems consist of a central air system of forced air, or a large and noisy unit placed in a window. Both require frequent repairs, often lack the power to cool consistently, and have to be operated separate from the heating system. That means maintaining two climate systems for one building. Each system has to be shut down at the end of the season, and inspected by a professional before the appropriate season begins again. Costs are doubled just to be comfortable all year around.

There are modern and energy-efficient electrical systems that designed to quietly heat and cool the building. One system for climate control reduces operational costs, as well as repair and maintenance bills. Ducted air systems, reverse cycle units, and split systems provide versatile options to keep all occupants of a business or home comfortable in any season. Some brands, such as Actron Air, LG, and Mitsubishi Electric, for example, have designed systems specifically to withstand the challenging Australian climate.

M series models for residential and commercial customers have the flexibility to operate eight indoor units off one outdoor unit. That means people can set each unit to a different temperature to suit their comfort levels. The office manager who prefers the temperature brisk to maintain concentration can select a lower temperature for that office, while the person who cannot seem to get warm can raise the temperature in another office. That level of versatility is not possible with a large wall unit designed to accommodate one area.

Customers who want the widest selection, the best pricing, and the most reliable service should look for an experienced company. Sales staff are knowledgeable regarding the most efficient systems, and can help with selection. Technicians are experienced and manufacturer trained to provide the best service, and the company will be around to maintain products and honor any warranties. It also takes years to perfect the art of comprehensive customer service. An experienced company will take the time to answer any and all questions, respect schedules and time constraints of customers, and provide professional and friendly service at all times. Compare companies before selecting one with which to do business.